We consider participation in talks and workshops an important part of your education. The CMC regularly invites top speakers from other universities for talks, while members of the CMC also frequently organize conferences and workshops. We kindly ask you to take the opportunity to learn more about different perspectives and of course to establish some contacts to researchers from abroad. The first-year students are encouraged to participate in 7 talks during the academic year, second-year students in 3 talks. This can be fulfilled in three ways:

  1. You may participate in invited talks announced on the webpage of the Center for Mind and Cognition (please prefer talks highlighted as Center Lecture or Fellow Lecture) or in the CogSci Events Calendar (a link is provided to all enrolled CogSci students).
  2. Alternatively, you can participate in workshops and conferences. One workshop or conference is equivalent to 2 lectures.
  3. Finally, you can participate in a summer/spring school in cognitive science. This is equivalent to 3 lectures. We highly recommend the spring school in cognitive science in Günne. Please confirm your participation by means of the respective document (see below).

Template for Participation in Talks and Workshops