Program Overview

The 2-year Master Cognitive Science at RUB is organized in eight different modules and a master thesis. In the first semester, all students take an Introduction to Cognitive Science lectures as well as courses in Basic Methods. Which Basic Methods courses you have to take will be discussed in your personal Skype interview before you start the program. After the first semester, you can decide which courses you’d like to take. You will choose several courses from Topic Selection, based on your personal interests and future career plans. In addition, you can choose from several Advanced Methods which will give you an understanding of different empirical, experimental and theoretical methods that are used in cognitive science. There are some formal requirements on Topics Selection. The Free Selection area allows even more flexibility to make the program fit your personal goals. It further allows for an internship. The Interdisciplinary Research Area is dedicated to colloquia and courses that are connected to the master thesis. Which courses make sense is best discussed with the thesis supervisor.

Before the beginning of the program, we offer three introductory courses which might be obligatory:
1. Academic English (for all those with English level B2, not necessary for C1)
2. Biostatistics (for all those who do not have a B.A. in psychology or related subjects)
3. Mathematics and Informatics (for all those who do not have a B.A. in mathematics or informatics or related subjects)

1st Year, 1st Semester

1st Year, 2nd Semester

2nd Year, 1st Semester

2nd Year, 2nd Semester