Summer Term 2020: Letter to Master Cognitive Science Students

Please check out the university’s FAQ about the summer semester 2020 for information about the current situation. We also have a letter from the program coordinator, Dr. Vernazzani, for you:

Dear students,

As you know, the SS20 will start on April 20th. Please, remember that there will be no class meetings this semester. Officially, the dean’s office at the Faculty for Psychology introduced the compulsory attendance requirement for all classes except lectures within the Master Cognitive Science program. However, this summer semester this compulsory attendance requirement will not apply. I strongly encourage students to check e-Campus for further details regarding the courses you intended to take this semester. If the information on e-Campus seems to be outdated, or in case of doubt, please get in touch with the course instructors a few days before the seminars’ start in order to find out the teaching modalities.

This semester, the teaching will happen mainly through Moodle. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to check whether the courses you would like to attend are available on Moodle and enroll as quickly as possible, as there might already be some important information about didactic and course materials. Enrollment to the seminars is conducted through e-Campus, as before. Please, remember that you have to register separately for the seminar on Moodle. In case you have questions, you can get in touch with me per e-mail:

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Please, bear in mind that due to the large amount of emails it might take a bit for me to reply to all; do, please, send me a reminder in case you haven’t heard back from me within two days. I hope you stay safe, and I wish you all a good start of the semester!

Dr. Alfredo Vernazzani