Why do people believe weird things? Bayesian Brains, Conspiracy Theories, and Intellectual Vice

Talk Series on Conspiracy Theories & Rationality

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Organized by Dr. Nina Poth, Dr. Krzysztof Dolega, Prof. Dr. Tobias Schlicht

Upcoming Talks

Irrationality and Rationality in Science 

April 28 SAM GERSHMAN (Harvard) 
How to never be wrong 

May 5 | 6 pm !!! (CET) CAILIN O’CONNOR (Irvine) 
Multiple Mechanisms for Polarization 

May 12 C. THI NGUYEN (Utah) 
The Seductions of Clarity 

May 19 SARAH FISHER (Vienna)
Reading between the lines: Language-based Inferences and (Ir)rationality

June 02 HUGO MERCIER (Paris) 
Not Born Yesterday: Why people are less gullible than we think 

June 23 MONA SIMION (Glasgow) 
Politically Motivated Reasoning and Evidence Resistance 

June 30 ÅSA M. WIKFORSS (Stockholm) 
Resisting the Facts: Is it Irrational? 

July 7 CHRIS RANALLI (Amsterdam) 
Norms of Conspiracy Theorizing 

July 14 REGINA RINI (Toronto)