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(1st talk: 16:00 / 10am, 2nd talk: 17:25 / 11:25am)

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MAY 19TH 2022
“Perception Revisited”
1.) Susanne Schellenberg (Rutgers), “Perspectival Variance and Perceptual Constancy”
2.) Peter Brössel (RUB), “Perception and Updating”

JUNE 2ND 2022

“The Hard Problem of Consciousness”
1.) Brian McLaughlin (Rutgers), “Subjectivity in an Objective World”
2.) Tobias Schlicht (RUB), “The Unbearable Uselessness of Zombies”

JUNE 23RD 2022

“Applied Formal Semantics”
1.) Michael Glanzberg (Rutgers), “The Cognitive Roots of Adjectival Meaning”
2.) Kristina Liefke (RUB), “What are Experiential Attitudes?”

JUNE 30TH 2022
“Theories of Meaning and Concepts”
1.) Ernie Lepore (Rutgers), “Meaning”
2.) Albert Newen (RUB), “The Social foundation of Meaning: Lingustic Understanding is Person Understanding”