The Ruhr University’s annual lecture series on Interdisciplinary
Philosophy of Mind,
Language and Science

Speaker 2022

More about Cecilia Heyes, our main speaker for 2022

Program 2022

The program for the lecture period from June 7th to June 8th 2022

Archive of Past Lectures

Past lectures from 2007 – 2019

Prof. Heyes‘ work concerns the evolution of cognition. It explores the ways in which natural selection, learning, developmental and cultural processes combine to produce the mature cognitive abilities found in adult humans. She is especially interested in social cognition.

Her current projects examine whether the neurocognitive mechanisms enabling cultural in-heritance – social learning, imitation, mirror neurons, mind reading, etc. – are themselves products of cultural evolution.

Her three lectures will cover material from these areas, based on her book “Cognitive Gadgets” (Harvard University Press), but also new work ensuing from this book.

Call for Papers

The next CFP for 2023 will be announced in due time.

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The Rudolf-Carnap-Lectures are an annual event started by Prof. Dr. Albert Newen from the Institute of Philosophy II at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany in 2007. The Lectures provide a platform for distinguished scholars to present their work in the form of several talks on their preferred topic. The focus is usually on the areas of Philosophy of Mind, Language or Science. In turn, graduate students interested in these topics get the chance to engage in extensive discussion and get in touch with state-of-the-art research. In addition, some of them have the chance to present their own work on related topics during a graduate conference, based on a peer review process.

The lecture series is dedicated to the philosopher Rudolf Carnap (1891-1970) who was born in Barmen (today: Wuppertal) which is not far from Bochum. He studied Philosophy, Mathematics and Physics in Jena and Freiburg, amongst others with Gottlob Frege, and is one of the main representatives of Logical Empiricism.

Prior Carnap-Lecturers include Shaun Gallagher (Memphis), Alva Noë (Berkeley), John Perry (Stanford), David Papineau (London), Tim Crane (Cambridge) & Katalin Farkas (Budapest), Ned Block (NYU) & Susan Carey (Harvard), David J. Chalmers (ANU/NYU), Daniel C. Dennett (Tufts), John Campbell (Berkeley), Patricia Churchland (San Diego), Frank Jackson (ANU), Thomas Metzinger (Mainz), and Frances Egan & Robert Matthews (Rutgers) (see Archive).