Carnap Lectures 2023

Sterelny’s principal area of research is in the philosophy of biology. He states “the development of evolutionary biology since 1858 is one of the great intellectual achievements of science.” Sterelny has also written extensively about the philosophy of psychology. He is the author of many important papers in these areas, including widely anthologised papers on group selection, meme theory and cultural evolution such as “Return of the Gene” (with Philip Kitcher), “Memes Revisited” and “The Evolution and Evolvability of Culture.”
Prof. Sterelnys four lectures will cover different aspects of his work on Cumulative Culture. They can also accessed via Zoom:
1. Cumulative Culture: The Standard Model and Its Problems
2. The Challenge of Sorcery
3. Cumulative Culture and Niche Construction
4. Cumulative Culture in Unequal Worlds

Organization: Tobias Schlicht & Albert Newen